Radio.Cloud Unveils Completely New Operating Model for Industry

(NEW YORK) – Radio.Cloud, the industry leader in cloud-native automation and programming, unveiled a ground-breaking innovation that redefines the broadcasting landscape. Launching on Hispanic Broadcasting Inc., KYST-AM is among the industry’s first broadcasters to fully embrace Radio.Cloud’s new transformative operating model. This enables stations to operate entirely from the transmitter site, integrating all incoming satellite feeds into the cloud workflow. This move is in-line with Radio.Cloud’s overall mission of empowering broadcasters through technology to reduce expenses by moving away from legacy systems and hardware.

Radio.Cloud has a track record of pioneering operating solutions for terrestrial broadcasters, allowing our clients to scale and grow through technology,” said Christian Brenner, CEO & Founder of Radio.Cloud. “We are very proud of our partnership with KYST-AM as it demonstrates the power of our new operating model. We believe it’s critical that radio continues to innovate in this ever-changing environment and still be able to deliver customized local content in a cost-efficient manner.”

KYST-AM’s adoption of the new operating model heavily reduces their hardware footprint. All equipment required to run the station—including satellite dishes, uplink and receivers—can now reside in a very small area at the transmitter site. The ability to process and control cues from satellite receivers in the cloud can save the broadcaster tremendous hardware expense. The setup is even simpler for music and non-satellite stations. It’s also easy to broadcast live completely from a web browser with just a microphone and internet connection. 

“Radio and the technology behind it were starting to feel archaic,” said Hispanic Broadcasting President and Owner Matthew C. Velasquez. “When I saw the possibilities with Radio.Cloud I knew we could create something that would future proof our radio station and minimize our downtime and maintenance, plus open up new opportunities to our broadcasting capabilities.” 

The Radio.Cloud operating model is completely customizable depending on the broadcaster’s needs. The cloud-native infrastructure is a fully enterprise-wide solution, providing programmers with a powerful suite of tools to localize content. It’s perfect for syndicators or ownership groups looking to distribute and customize content across multiple markets.  

“Our biggest technical issues stemming from our automation were always hardware related more than software related,” Velasquez noted. “The idea of having a cloud-native automation system versus a local server gave me peace of mind that we would not have any major technical issues going forward.

About Radio.Cloud

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