Radio.Cloud Grows with Two New 24/7 AI Driven Channels

Following the successful launch of Absolut Radio AI in July and its subsequent transition to DAB+ in September, Radio.Cloud helped launch the second and third completely AI driven radio stations in Europe.

Antenne Voralberg’s Dance Radio KI Inside is Austria’s first completely AI controlled radio station and features an artificial intelligence voice named “Betty”. The station has been on-air since Betty’s New Year’s Eve special ushered in the new audio technology and continues to evolve daily.

“We are pleased to be able to continue to demonstrate our global market leadership in the field of ‘AI on Radio’ in our home markets,” Radio.Cloud CEO and Founder Christian Brenner said. “We’re proud to have launched the first AI station in Germany and now can add Austria and Switzerland to that list.”

Betty’s talk breaks mainly include music content with plentiful background information, along with the regional weather for Voralberg. Soon Betty will start running hook promotions to tease upcoming songs over the next hour.

Antenne Voralberg Managing Director Mario Mally explained, “For us, AI radio is a fantastic experiment that benefits the whole team in learning about the technology. It’s definitely not about replacing presenters or creatives, but about finding out in a practical way how AI can support a regional team full of audio enthusiasts in their daily work by further expanding the quality of our products.”

Now that Dance Radio KI Inside is up and running, what are the next steps in its evolution? “I can reveal that Betty will be speaking with an Austrian accent quite soon,” said Mally.

“Dance Radio KI Inside is already the fifth fully automated AI program or station created with our software. All those stations have in common the fact that no one intervenes manually on the local end,” Brenner added.

One of those other four stations is Switzerland’s first completely AI station, Radio Lozärn. The Lucerne based station broadcasts 24/7 on DAB. Mike, the AI host, accompanies Radio Lozärn listeners throughout their day. This initiative signifies a historic milestone in Swiss broadcasting, as Mike is equipped with advanced AI capabilities to create a vibrant and engaging radio experience.

Roger Givel, the founder, and owner of Radio Lozärn, explained, “Integrating AI into our radio workflows is a step into the future, and we look forward to the fresh perspectives Mike will bring to our team and listeners. It also highlights our commitment to innovation and opens up new possibilities for audience interaction.”

Radio.Cloud is the industry’s first completely cloud-native automation system and a certified partner of AWS. Whether your station is completely live, near-to-live with voice tracks, or completely AI automated, the software lets you be flexible with up-to-date production. As an official partner of Amazon Web Services, Radio.Cloud offers optimal security with failover protection, top audio sound, state-of-the-art localization and eliminates wasted time. Radio.Cloud has more than 200 affiliates, including the three stations using to run their 24/7 stations.

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