Radio.Cloud Debuts in United States

With the addition of its first United States customer Throwback Nation Radio, German software company Radio.Cloud officially enters the US marketplace. Led by industry vets Christian Brenner and Jim Hammond, Radio.Cloud is the first 100% native cloud-based automation, content management and production system and has been on-air for more than three years in Germany with over 150 affiliates.  

Brenner, CEO and Managing Director, is an entrepreneur and innovator that has set up numerous radio and TV stations. He created SmartCast (now part of satellite operator SES – formerly GE Americom), a software-as-a-service solution that localized content management for Disney, Fox and Cartoon Network in many different Asian countries.  

“It was exactly four years ago when a German Radio Group with 50 affiliates asked us to completely revolutionize their network with 100% flexibility and AI supported functions,” Brenner said. “This was shortly before the NAB, and we couldn’t find a solution in line with what they wanted. So, I thought, ‘let’s build something new to support the radio industry.’ I hired 25 people, we got to work, and one year later the first station went on air with Radio.Cloud.” 

Hammond’s career has spanned more than 50 years worldwide, working as a teacher, consultant in multiple countries and group general manager and engineer. He spent decades at some of the leading automation companies including 11 years with Scott Studios and dMarc, over 3 years at Google and another 11 at WideOrbit.  

“When I first saw Radio.Cloud, I was a little skeptical as this was the elusive unicorn that others had dreamed of seeing. And I quickly realized what a significant tipping point this represented for the broadcast industry,” explained Hammond. “Sure, there were others that offered cloud storage and disaster recovery, but that is something most people do with cloud backup every day at home. To provide true cloud-based playout with the use of microservices, triple-backup, 24/7 monitoring and leveraging the reliability and security of industry standards Azure and AWS is something altogether different. It hit me like lightning.” 

The Radio.Cloud team is set to display its current platform and debut a new live offering at the NAB Show booth N7307 in Las Vegas from April 23-27. Read more in All Access, Inside Radio, Radio & Television Business Report, and Radio Insight.