PHILOSOPHY is a completely new technical and operational concept for the production of radio programmes for FM, HD Radio, and web radios. In particular at radio networks and radio broadcast groups, delivers its maximum in efficiency increase, scalability and flexibility through the multiple use of content and presented segments.

Home of is operated by NexCast in Ismaning near Munich, Germany. The company handles 24/7 monitoring, service and parts of the development. At our sister company Global Media in Jakarta, Indonesia, a team with 12 people specialised in media and broadcasting develops the platform. constantly receives new features, functions and improvements, most of which are activated for existing customers at no extra charge. In Austria, is offered by our partner connecting:media. NexCast comes from the classic radio business. We consider the development towards a completely new type of radio production in the cloud over the next few years to be a major step forward. Many stations are planning this step, but with a long transition period. NexCast therefore continues offering classic services with traditiownal broadcasting software and studios.

No Server Room, No Software

The traditional radio operation requires extensive hardware on site. Servers, storage systems, sound processors, emergency power supply and cooling systems are necessary for broadcasting. The shifts almost the entire production chain into the cloud. Instead of buying new hardware and software every few years, there are only low monthly rental costs for the platform.

Our customers usually continue to operate parts of a traditional broadcast studio to maintain a typical radio environment for presenters and visitors, although technically speaking, an iPhone with microphone would be sufficient to produce a programme. The broadcast signal can be delivered directly from the cloud or via small edge servers located at site.


In the classic radio business, there are certain workstations that are equipped with the broadcasting system. Operation on tablets or smartphones is not possible. Access from outside the station is usually impossible or very difficult via VPN and then very restricted. was optimised from the start for all devices. A normal web browser is sufficient on a PC/laptop/Macbook is sufficient. The websites are optimised for tablets and smartphones; there is also the app for iOS and Android. Even complex issues such as voice-tracking productions, including music previews, can be handled as an application via the website. A connection to existing mixing consoles via audio is possible in any studio without special preparation.

100% FLEXIBILITY & SIMPLICITY is controlled by graphical broadcast timer clocks, jingle templates and time window rules. The navigation is much more intuitive than most traditional broadcasting systems. After a brief introduction, more complex structures such as “One main station – several subchannels” can be implemented. Rules are also possible, such as: “If local content is available for a slot that is not older than 120 minutes: broadcast it, if not: use content from the network of the parent/sister station. If nothing is available: broadcast content from the audio agency.”


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