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Radio.Cloud is a completely new technical and
operational concept for the production of radio
programming built with a robust set of features and
functionality that actually become smarter and more
efficient with every use. it’s just smart.

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AI Driven Voice Tracking

Staying on top of industry trends is important to us, which led to the development of our AI voice tracking platform. We used complex challenges and prompts to train ChatGPT to deliver radio talk breaks with any number of typical radio features.

Now you can choose a voice, build the voice track with those features (frontsells, backsells, news, weather, sports, station IDs, station promos, etc…) and have an editable script within seconds. Utilizing AI to enhance efficiency and fill dayparts that were previously unhosted can be a tremendous benefit to local stations.

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Voicetrack AI
Cloud On-Site Infrastructure

Cloud and On-Site

At Radio.Cloud all the heavy lifting is done in the cloud infrastructure. We use the power of cloud-native microservices to give you a much smarter operation than traditional radio automation is able to do.

For terrestrial radio stations, we include an Edge Gateway for your facility. This device retrieves all content from the cloud, and hands over a ready-to-broadcast signal to the Audio Processor or directly to the transmitter in broadcast standard AES, Audio-over-IP, analog or digital. This operation makes us resilient from potential internet problems, enabling the station to remain on air.

For internet/web radio, we provide the playout directly from the cloud, including audio processing and a web stream to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or directly to your audience.

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Localization & Radio

Whether you’re running two or 200 radio stations, Radio.Cloud helps you operate more efficiently—and without sacrificing that local sound. With our smart method of combining network with local content and adding voice tracks from the machine-learning archive, each station still sounds completely local.

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Voice Tracking Platform

With Radio.Cloud, you get a full inline voice-tracking platform in a web browser. This makes it easy for on-air talent to produce one show to run on all stations in the network, with a local part at the beginning and end for each station or subgroup. The localized elements can be produced quickly. And with one easy initial setup, voice tracking can be connected to studio equipment.

Radio.Cloud automatically places your voice tracks on the ramp or intro of the upcoming song. This saves time from manually positioning your talk break between two songs or audio elements. And it sounds great every time!

Plus, with Radio.Cloud’s voice track archive, simple elements like title and artist references can be stored in different versions for different stations in your network. This enables on-air talent to prioritize and concentrate their time and energy on the more relevant programming elements that add depth and interest to their shows, while allowing lower-priority elements to use archived voice tracks.

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Multiple Interfaces / API

Because most radio stations already have a functioning infrastructure, Radio.Cloud is designed to interface with all existing systems. That way, content is easily used within or migrated from legacy software. And besides connecting to existing traffic and music scheduling systems, Radio.Cloud also captures and displays relevant content from social media platforms.

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Live Studio

Live Cloud Studio

With Radio.Cloud’s Live Cloud Studio, you get the full power of a broadcast facility completely in a web browser. Much like a Zoom meeting, you can invite co-hosts and guests and see them on video, in addition to having hotkeys, faders, and three methods of control: Manual Mode, Live Assist Mode, or Auto Mode. Whether you use it for a live music show, sports broadcast, or simply production, Radio.Cloud’s Live Cloud Studio makes broadcasting easier and more flexible.

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