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platform in radio broadcasting. We’re
supporting the transformation of the entire
radio industry, shifting operations out
of the server room and into the cloud.

radio.cloud. it’s just smart.

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no problems… only solutions

At Radio.Cloud, we’ve already helped 160+ radio broadcasters in Europe and North America move their operations to the cloud. Now we’re bringing our German engineering and knowhow to the whole industry to help you make the smart move. In Europe we’re already the fastest growing software platform for broadcasters. We’re SMART. And so is our approach.


We’re all about simplifying. We’re here to simplify your operation so you can amplify your success.

get smart


Wherever you are, you’re just a click away. Collaborate remotely with multiple contributors. Make changes on the fly, in real time. It’s radio that moves at the speed of life!

get smart


The industry moves quickly—and so do we. We’re constantly evolving the Radio.Cloud platform, creating new features, functions, and improvements to be more responsive to your needs.

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It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are. The core members of our Radio.Cloud team have 20+ years of experience in Radio and TV.

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It’s our obsession. We’re always on the cutting edge. And with Radio.Cloud, you will be too.

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meet our team

Radio.Cloud brings together a multinational team. And while our core experience is in radio and television broadcasting, we also have backgrounds in other industries. As a result, you reap the benefits of our diverse perspectives and international knowhow.

Christian Brenner

CEO & Founder
Christian is a media entrepreneur with a focus on technical innovation. Through his work as Radio.Cloud’s Managing Director/CINO, he is on a mission to revolutionize radio production and broadcasting. Having previously set up several radio and TV channels, he truly understands the needs of the clients he now serves. He also set up SmartCast (now part of SES/Astra), a software-as-a-service solution for handling localized content management in many Asian countries. His SmartCast clients included Disney, Fox, and Cartoon Network.

Andreas Enders

COO (Chief Operation Officer)
Andreas has been playing a major role here since 2018, and has been COO since 2019. Before joining the Radio.Cloud team, he worked for many years as an editor, presenter, and technical director at Funkhaus Bayreuth. In 2015, along with partners from the Bavarian media scene, he founded KULTRADIO, a Bayreuth-based radio station received throughout Bavaria via digital radio DAB+.

Alexander Nowotny

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
A seasoned technology entrepreneur, digitalization expert, and C-level leader, Alex currently focuses on tech selection, scalability, and outsourcing for Radio.Cloud. Prior to joining us, he was CIO and part of the management team that, in 2014, led one of the largest tech buyouts in Germany—Scout24. After restructuring and preparing the IPO in 2015, he took on the role of COO at SmartCast. After the merger of SES-PS, RR-Media, and SmartCast, he joined MX1 as CDO, leading their digital business.

Andrew Scaglione

Account Director
Andrew has worked in the radio and television industry for nearly 10 years and held a variety of positions. After graduating from Syracuse University, he spent more than three years as a Sports Reporter/Anchor for both KQSM-FM and KFSM-TV in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Over the last three years, he cut his teeth in affiliate relations for Envision Networks and Sun Broadcast Group before rising to Director of Affiliate Operations with G Networks. Outside of work, Andrew is usually cooking or traveling with his wife Lindsey and always has a good book in hand.

Shawn Gilbert

Solutions Architect
Shawn's diverse experience in radio and customer support converge in his position as Solutions Architect at Radio.Cloud. Currently, he applies his expertise in radio production and audio engineering to the Live at the Bop Stop radio show and podcast. With prior roles as Producer, Promotions Director, Program Director, and Traffic and Continuity Director across various locations, Shawn has honed his skills in multiple facets of the industry. During his leisure time, he enjoys exploring new restaurants and trying novel cuisines and libations, or whipping up culinary creations at home.

Jott Lischka

Solutions Architect
Jott has been in the music industry since he was a teenager. That led him to radio where he was a host and DJ for more than 20 years. In 15 years as a morning show host, he won several awards for his shows. As an “early adaptor” of new technologies, it’s been clear to him that Radio.Cloud is the future of radio broadcasting. With experience both in front of and behind the microphone, he is now the liaison between users and technicians. Jott is also a music producer, loves cats, the Foo Fighters, and boat trips.

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